This page is home to our Video Files.  They are all grouped by Event and the Newest Videos are at the top.  Enjoy!

Our Puppies!

These are short videos of our beloved little Maltese Puppy, Pula.  She was born on Jan 23rd, 2014 and weighs in at roughly 5-6 pounds.  Pula, her name, comes from the Setswana language spoken in Botswana, Africa where we stayed for 3 years.  It mean Rain, which is a special commodity there, and also means Success, Celebration, Hurrah and other expressions of good completion and is shouted out load by crowds after all public meetings, soccer matches, presidential addresses and any other gathering.  And her 5 puppies and their lives!


Peace Corps – Botwana, Africa  (09/11 to 11/13)

Welcome to our Peace Corps Video Collection!   These are short videos of various event or scenes during our service.  


John Mark and his band in the Peace Corps 

While we were in the Peace Corps, I had the opportunity to play drums with my great friend Nate Maruso, a very talented young musician who happened to live in a small village only 10 miles away.  We played with some local Botswana who had an old shed out back and a bunch of old musical instruments including a PA,  some Amps and a drum kit.  We played at a few local bars for fun and enjoyed spending some Saturday nights with the local music scene.  We also had the opportunity to organize and teach drums and guitar at the Molepolole Community College in my village.  There we had a nice drum set, lots of great guitars and amps and a nice mixing board.  Below are some of the videos we made to remember these really great times!


Spain (2013)

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Cuba (2018)


Primal Pet Products

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Deer Hunting


JM Invention for Drumming Pedal

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Thailand JM Kickboxing (2016)


Balloons Over Bagon (2016)


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (2016)


Miscellaneous Videos